Risk Disclosure


A Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Activity involves inherent risks, Auckland Challenge takes active steps to mitigate risks wherever possible however the nature of some risks meant they can never be fully eliminated or mitigated. By participating in an Auckland Challenge activity you accept that you may be exposed to some risks, and that all reasonable practical steps have been taken to minimise the impact of these risks to you. 

Changing conditions can mean that trips must be modified. No two trips are the same. In some rare cases weather conditions, terrain, or other factors could delay your scheduled return e.g. inclement weather, swollen rivers, or unexpected terrain difficulties. A briefing on safety appropriate to the activity, including emergency procedures, will be given at the beginning of each adventurous journey.  

In the case of an incident involving a participant, Auckland Challenge’s designated contact will initiate contact with the emergency contact nominated by the enrolled participants. 

Specific Risks 

Specific risks associated with the adventurous journey section include: 

  • Exposure to inclement weather, including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures 
  • Risk of injury from tripping, falling, or other accidents 
  • Risk of exposure to wildlife, including insects, possums and birds 
  • Risk of getting lost or separated from the group 
  • Risk of encountering difficult terrain, including steep slopes, rivers, and other obstacles 
  • Risk of equipment failure or malfunction 
  • Risk of environmental hazards, including landslides, rockfall, and other natural disasters 

Risk Mitigation Procedures

  • Providing briefings on safety, including emergency procedures 
  • Ensuring that all participants are properly equipped and prepared for the trip through a gear check before leaving 
  • Conducting regular checks on weather and terrain conditions 
  • Maintaining an appropriate level of supervision and support throughout the trip 
  • Involving all participants in journey planning and risk identification throughout the planning process 

Auckland Challenge require participants to provide details of all medical conditions and other factors that may inhibit performance during the planning process. 

Auckland Challenge cannot take responsibility for mitigating or controlling risks when Auckland Challenge is not actively involved in the planning and operation of the activity.  Auckland Challenge’s approval of an activity for the meeting of Award requirements does not constitute acceptance or transference of liability for the risks involved. 

Any concerns should be discussed when you enquire about or before you book an activity. If you want help on whether an activity is appropriate for you, please contact us at dofe@aucklandchallenge.org.nz or speak with one of our Award Leaders. 

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