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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is the World’s Leading youth development Award, comprised of 4 sections over 3 levels and it is available to all 14-25 year-olds.

The Award is an individual Award – you build your Award by choosing activities that challenge you. By doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award you will gain an Award that is recognised by universities and employers worldwide as well as helping to build resilience, self-confidence and responsibility!


Bronze is the first level of The Award, for your Bronze Award you need to complete 13 hours of two sections and 26 hours of one section. 
​You can start your Bronze in the year you turn 14.


Silver is the second level of the Award, for Silver you need to complete 26 hours of each section if you have completed bronze and an additional 13 hours if you haven’t.
You can start your silver once you have completed bronze or are 15


Gold is the highest level of The Award, for Gold you need to complete 12 months of each section if you have completed silver and an additional 26 hours if you haven’t. At gold you also need to complete the Residential Project.
You can start gold as soon as you are 16


For the skill section you can use any hobby or mental activity; games, music, arts and building are just some of the many activities you can use. Use something you already do or take up something new!

Voluntary Service

The Voluntary service section is anything you do to help others; environmental service, youth work and charity service are a few examples. Anything unpaid you do to help people outside of your family will probably count.

Physical Recreation

For the Physical Recreation section you can use any activity that is for your physical wellbeing. Ball sports, athletics, martial arts and water sports are just a few of the may activities you can do. As a general rule, if it raises your heart rate – it counts

Adventurous Journey

For the Adventurous Journey Section you will complete training for your journey followed by two 2-4 day camps depending on your Award Level. There are many types of camps to go on – biking, kayaking, horse riding, urban or bush to name a few! Find out more about the Adventurous Journey section here.

Residential Project (GOLD ONLY)

For the Residential Project you will go on a 5 day trip, with a purpose, away from home with people you don’t know; this could be an environmental, service or educational trip.
Auckland Challenge does not coordinate the Residential Section, however, our Award Leaders will be happy to help you find a suitable activity.

If you aren’t sure whether an activity will meet the Award Requirements then Contact Us!

Before you do an activity

Remember, before you start any activity for your Award, including Journeys and Residential it MUST be uploaded into your Online Record Book and sent for approval before you start. If an activity is not approved before you begin the activity you CANNOT count it for your Award.

Your Kākāriki Journey

If you’re interested in the environment then you should consider doing your Kākāriki Journey – an environmental Award endorsement.
To do Your Kākāriki Journey your Skill, Service and Adventurous Journey sections must have an environmental focus.
To find out more about doing Your Kākāriki Journey Contact us or visit the DofE website

NCEA Credits

​You can get level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA credits by doing your Award! To find out how to get these credits see the Award’s website or Contact us.

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