About Adventurous Journeys

The Adventurous Journey section is split into three parts: Preparation and Training, a Practice Journey and a Qualifying Journey. Adventurous Journeys are different lengths depending on your Award level and there are two types of Journey to choose from. Journeys can take multiple forms – urban, bush, water, cycling, walking, horse riding and kayaking are just a few types of journey you could do. 

Journey Lengths


Practice: 2 days, 1 night.

Qualifying: 2 days, 1 night.


Practice: 2.5 days, 2 nights.

Qualifying: 3 days, 2 nights.


Practice: 3 days, 2 nights.

Qualifying: 4 days, 3 nights.

Journey Types


An Expedition is a journey with a purpose. In an Expedition, the primary focus is on the journeying, where around two thirds of the purposeful effort must be spent journeying. The remaining third should be spent on activity.


An Exploration is a purpose with a journey. In an Exploration, the primary focus is to observe and collect information relevant to the purpose. More time and effort is spent on this, with less time getting from one place to another.

The Journeys

Preparation And Training:
This activity covers the things you need to know for your journeys including planning, navigation, survival and leadership skills. You can do this training through Auckland Challenge or another outdoor provider endorsed by The Award. You can also complete Bronze Training online at www.acorn.aucklandchallenge.org.nz

Practice Journey:
The Practice Journey is used to ensure you have sufficient  knowledge to safely complete your Qualifying Journey. The Practice Journey must be undertaken in the same mode of transport as you intend to complete your Qualifying Journey.

Qualifying Journey:
The Qualifying Journey is designed to be undertaken with the group being self-sufficient  and independent. The Qualifying Journey must be of the same type and mode of transport as your qualifying journey.

Remember, before you start any activity for your Award, including Journeys and Residential it MUST be uploaded into your Online Record Book and sent for approval before you start. If an activity is not approved before you begin the activity you CANNOT count it for your Award.

Who runs the Journeys

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has a large range of Journey providers, you can do your Journey with any Approved Activity Provider or Award Unit- a full list of approved providers can be found on the DofE website

You are also able to organise your own journey if you have a group of 4-7 participants. For more information on how to organise your own journey come to an Open Award Center or email our expedition coordinator

For more information on Adventurous Journeys contact Gemma: expeditions@aucklandchallenge.org.nz 

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