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I’m Duke, the DofE Chimp

You may remember my predecessor,

Funky Monkey used to travel with participants on Auckland Challenge journeys, and at night participant’s would make monkey fists (if you went on a journey with us: have you still got yours?).

Now I’m setting off on my own journey

My goal is to connect everyone who has a connection to the Award and collect their Award Stories by hitchhiking around New Zealand! I can only be passed between people who have some connection to the Award and I want to see how far I can go!

You can follow my journey on Instagram


How can you help my journey?

I am travelling between people who have an affiliation with The Award, if you are in some way affiliated with the Award and you meet me then please:

  1. Find the QR code attached to me
  2. Scan it and fill in the linked form with your name, where I am now and your Award Story or memory along with a photo of me either with you or in a place meaningful to your Award or you. Alternatively upload a photo from your Award activities.
  3. I will post your photo and Award Story on my Instagram to document my journey between people and around New Zealand
  4. Find another person affiliated with the Award and pass me on so I can travel somewhere else

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Duke is passed between people who have a connection to the Award. As each person receives Duke we hope they will upload a photo and Award Story to the linked form so that these can be collated in Duke’s Instagram page to share with the wider community.

Duke has a QR code attached to them, when you receive Duke take a photo with Duke somewhere meaningful to you or your Award and upload this along with your Award Story in the form linked in the QR code. Instead of a photo with Duke you can also upload a photo from your Award. This photo and your story will then be posted on Duke’s Instagram to collect Award stories.

That’s OK, you can fill in Duke’s Journal here:

Duke can be passed between anyone with a connection to the Award, this could be past and present participants, parents, leaders, Award staff, volunteers, Assessors, activity providers, or anyone who has benefitted from the Award including people who have had participants complete service for.

In short, if they can be linked to the Award Duke can travel with them!

If you’ve got Duke and can’t find anyone to pass them on to please email or send us a message through Duke’s Instagram account and we will help you find the next step in Duke’s journey.

No! We want to collect memories from anyone involved with the Award anywhere in New Zealand regardless of your Award Unit!

You can follow Duke through their Instagram account @dofechimp, we are also posting with #dofechimp

Unfortunately no, we want Duke to visit as many people as possible so Duke needs to keep travelling we ask that you don’t hold on to Duke for too long before the next stage in their journey

2023 marks 25 years of operation for Auckland Challenge and 60 years of The Award in New Zealand, to celebrate we are sending Duke around to collect the stories of people who have received an impact from The Award so that these can be shared with the wider community to celebrate past participants, volunteers and leaders as well as bringing more people to be involved with The Award.

No. Duke has no ability to be tracked, the only location information we collect is what you provide when you will in Duke’s travel journal.