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DofE Journey Planning


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If you want to organise your own DofE Adventurous Journey instead of going through an Award activity provider then we can help!

Once you have your group of participants you can schedule a meeting with an Auckland Challenge instructor to start planning your journey.

How it works:

  1. Form your group of participants and decide on the style of journey you want to do
  2. Schedule a meeting with your Auckland Challenge instructor or Award Leader to start planning
  3. Finalize your plan and send it for approval in your Online Record Book
  4. Go on your journey
  5. Write your journey report
  6. Get your assessor to write an assessors report and send your journey for final signoff


  • Auckland Challenge is able to act as an assessor for any participant that needs one, this is included in the cost.
  • This service does NOT include a supervisor for the journey, this should be at least a pair of responsible adults who will be on the Journey.
  • The cost is PER JOURNEY not per participant, only 1 person on the journey needs to pay.


For more information, email

This service is currently ONLY available to participants registered in an Auckland Challenge operated Award Unit.

You MUST utilize the Auckland Challenge DofE Adventurous Journey Planning Template

Auckland Challenge is unable to assist in the planning of any water based or alpine journeys.

Safety disclaimer

Auckland Challenge is NOT responsible for the safety of ANY journey where an Auckland Challenge Instructor or Award Leader is not present specifically in the capacity of leading the Journey. An Award Leader’s approval of a journey within the capacity of suitability for The Award does NOT constitute review of, or the adoption of responsibility of the safety planning and risk of a Journey.

Journey size

4 participant, 4-7 participant