Get going with your DofE in 2022 with Auckland Challenge
Welcome to 2022 with Auckland Challenge

2021 has been a difficult year and it has been amazing to see everything you have achieved. We are here to help you through 2022 and get you on the way to holding the World's leading Youth Development Award! 

Adventurous Journeys

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has lots of Adventurous Journey Providers in the Auckland Region offering a range of amazing Adventurous Journeys this year, you can find a list of Auckland's providers on the DofE website. If you need help finding a journey then feel free to contact us.


If you still need to do your Bronze Training you can do this online with us through ACORN:

Open Award Center update

We look forward to being able to see you all again at an Open Award Center, we expect our in-person Open Award Centers will resume in early February and our Virtual Open Award Centers will resume from the 17th of January. Please see our website for details

*In person Open Award Centers require an NZ COVID pass while Auckland is at Orange.

COVID-19 Award Adaptations

Please note that applications for the majority of the COVID-19 adaptations have now ended and your Award should now be more or less back to normal. If you need help adjusting please let us know and we can find ways to help you.

The most recent information about the COVID adaptations can be found on the DofE website

Get in touch with us

As always, we are here to help you through your Award, if you need any assistance or just need to talk then please come along to an Open Award Center, book an online meeting through our Virtual Open Award Center, or email us for any support you need. Please note, Kathryn is currently working reduced hours so your query may be answered by another member of our staff.


Can we reach you better? Our primary information channel is through our Facebook page, if there is a different platform you would prefer to receive information through please let us know!

Share your Story

What have you done with your DofE? It's always great to see what everyone is doing with their Award, and we enjoy seeing your photos and stories please make sure you send them through to us! If you are OK with us sharing your photos on our Social Media please let us know!

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