Everything you need to know for your Duke of Edinburgh's Award this June
Keep your Award going smoothly


A lot of participants get stuck waiting for their Assessors reports, If you completed your section more than a week ago and haven't got a report your Assessor probably hasn't seen it. Here are some things you can do to speed up the process:

1. Make sure you talk to your Assessor to let them know they will receive an email asking for a report
2. You can resend the request link to your Assessor through your Online Record Book account
3. Your assessor can write the report on paper or via email and you can upload a photo or screenshot of the report instead

Goals and Logs:

DofE is about building a challenge for yourself, your goal and logs should reflect this. Make sure both are descriptive so we and your Assessor can see your development. Try and get at least two sentences per log!

Photo from Waiuku College
Upcoming activity opportunities

We have a few journeys and residential opportunities coming up in the first half of July. If you still need to do your Journeys or residential project then these opportunities are for you!


July 16-19: Gold Qualifying Journey, – $250

July 16-18: Silver Practice/Qualifying Journey, – $190

July 16-17: Bronze Practice/Qualifying – $130

You will decide your route and location as a group during the planning sessions



July 9-12: All levels, dependent on the length of journey you require, $130 (B), $190 (S), $250 (G)

The location will be decided on by the group during planning and you will be helped to choose an appropriate purpose


Gold Residential:

If you need to do your Gold Residential Project but can't do a 5 day block come along to our upcoming opportunity over two weekends between the 8-10th of July AND 12-14th of August.

Learn the basics of property and farm maintenance as well as beneficial life-skills with other Gold participants in Waimauku.
Cost: $20 per weekend


**If your Award registration has been funded by Auckland Challenge, the enrolment for these events will be covered, please email admin@aucklandchallenge.org.nz for more information

Keep in touch

It's always great to hear what you're up to and help you through your Award, if you get stuck or need to talk you can come along to an Open Award Center, book an Online Meeting or Email us at dofe@aucklandchallenge.org.nz


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